Our range of Name Badges and their accessories have lots of uses ranging from using them as Delegate Name Badges for conferences, seminars and events, Staff Name Badges for use within your company and even in retail outlets, or at trade shows and exhibitions where it's often useful to be able to identify people by their Exhibitor Name Badges.

We introduced our range of DIY Name Badges to provide a fast and easy solution to a common challenge: what do you do when you either need them quick, or only want a few badges, maybe even just one? All of our range copes with standard printer paper, and allow you to quickly print and modify your name badges fast!!!

We've also added a few accessories to compliment our Name Badges - in addition to our DIY Name Badges, we have a range of simple card holders, rigid card holders and PVC wallets all designed to take a printed name badge. Need a Neck Lanyard to hang them from? We have a range of Colourful Lanyards that we supply unbranded, and even have a small range of pre-printed Lanyards. 

Our whole range of Badges and accessories are sold and dispatched as seen, so you get them FAST.