How To

To build your DIY badges using our plain stock badges, simply follow this how to guide...

DIY Badges - step 1 NameBadgeHub DIY Badges - step 2 NameBadgeHub
Step 1 - DIY Badges allow you to display your custom message or design on the badge. Step 2 - Position your design within the badge frame and
Slide it into position.
DIY Badges - step 3 NameBadgeHub DIY Badges - step 4 NameBadgeHub
Step 3 - Position the protective clear plastic slider over your design. Step 4 - Your badge is now ready to be displayed
 on a garment.
 DIY Badges - step 5 NameBadgeHub  DIY Badges - step 6 NameBadgeHub
 Step 5 - At the back of the DIY badges, you'll find a clever magnet
 clip. To attached the badge to your garment, first remove
 the magnet from the housing.
 Step 6 - Position the magnet inside the garment that you
 want to display the badge on. Keep it in postion there while
 you position the badge at step 7.
 DIY Badges - step 7 NameBadgeHub  DIY Badges - step 8 NameBadgeHub
 Step 7 - While holding the magnet in place, position the badge
 over the garment to attract the magnet and therefore affix
 the badge.
 Step 8 - Adjust your badge position if necessary and
 you're done! Your DIY badge is in position and without
 harming your garment!